Membership Application - Stars, Milky Way & Local Volume

Benefits of membership

By obtaining membership, the applicant acquires access to ways to communicate with other SMWLV members (access to the LSSTC slack, the private channels, and the dissemination mailing list), access to any available Collaboration resources including data products, software, and developing resources if they exist, interact with the LSST Project members (starting with the Project-Collaboration liaisons), access to funding resources dedicated to the SCs when available, and support to apply for said resources.

Eligibility for membership

Membership in the LSST SWMLV science collaboration is currently open to everyone, regardless of affiliation and LSST data rights. Please note, however, that changes due to the data rights policy may affect the ability of some individuals to be a member in the future. Membership applications will be reviewed in a timely manner by the SMWLV science collaboration co-chairs.

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